When Canaan: The Wedding Banquet of the World

Canaan, the capital of Yemen, was once the largest city in Yemen.

It was once home to many royal palaces and the royal palace of Najran.

However, the royal city fell to the Houthi rebels in 2011.

Today, the kingdom is a ruin. 

 Canaan was once a major trading center.

It has a history of trade with the neighboring kingdom of Aden, which is also a Saudi Arabia ally. 

In 2013, the Saudi-led coalition of nations invaded Yemen and seized control of the country.

Saudi Arabia has been supporting the Houthis with military assistance since the Saudi war began.

Yemen has been a popular tourist destination for Saudi Arabia and is a vital economic base for the kingdom. 

Since 2014, Yemen has suffered from a deadly humanitarian crisis.

The United Nations estimates that between 4 million and 6 million people have been displaced. 

According to the World Food Program, the humanitarian crisis has killed nearly 2.5 million people, nearly half of whom are children under the age of five. 

During the conflict, Saudi Arabia helped provide food to thousands of civilians in need.

It is unclear whether Saudi Arabia will continue to provide humanitarian assistance to Yemen or will be compelled to do so.