Satan Wedding Banquet: Wedding Banquets Cost $6,000

Satan wedding banquet cost $6.4 million and the cost of a banquet captain’s wedding ceremony, according to the Associated Press.

A spokesperson for the wedding reception, which took place at a luxury resort in Mumbai, said the cost was for the entertainment of up to 30 guests.

The Associated Press did not disclose the cost for the banquet captain, but it was estimated to be about $60,000.

The official said that the banquet was arranged by a wedding banquet banquet captain and the banquet itself was held by the banquet banquet director.

In an interview with the Associated News, the wedding banquet director said that he wanted the ceremony to be a celebration of the marriage and that the bride and groom could enjoy themselves in the wedding feast.

The wedding banquet captain said that his family is not from the United States and that he does not believe in satanic rituals.

He said he was also trying to avoid any possible controversy in the event of the banquet going on without him.

The banquet captain is being charged with fraudulently obtaining an invitation from a wedding venue in India.

The incident comes amid a rise in reports of satanic wedding banquets, which often feature satanic ritualized ceremonies.

Earlier this month, a man was arrested in New Jersey after allegedly offering to sell his wife and children for $10,000 to Satan.