Can you get married in 2019?

A bride and groom have been awarded the chance to tie the knot in the historic wedding banquet of 2019 at the historic Sydney Opera House.

A celebrant of the marriage is expected to present the marriage certificate to the couple at the ceremony, which will take place at the Opera House, in what is expected, to be one of the largest weddings in Australian history.

It’s the first time in Australia that a wedding is being held on a public wedding day, and it will also be the first to be held on the grounds of the Opera house, where there will be more than 1,500 guests expected to attend.

In the meantime, the groom will be expected to show off his newly acquired ring in a reception that will be hosted by the city’s Mayor, John Furlong.

While the wedding will take about three days, the wedding reception itself will take just a few hours.

The wedding ceremony will take roughly 10 minutes and will take the groom and bride to the wedding venue, where the ceremony will be held.

The ceremony will have music and the couple will be led by a professional DJ, the Wedding Ceremony Coordinator, to perform the formal wedding vows.

The couple will then depart the Opera building, where they will be greeted by the crowds of guests and be invited to take photos with them, which they will then have to post on social media, as well as with their families.

The bride and her family will then head for the city for a reception at a hotel, while the groom’s family will also attend the reception.

The celebrant is expected later in the week to deliver the wedding certificate to their newlyweds.

A post shared by Aussie Wedding Ceremonies (@australianweddingscen) on Aug 13, 2019 at 6:36pm PDTThe ceremony is expected in the following weeks, with more than a million people expected to come to Sydney to celebrate the wedding.