What will the NFL’s best rookies do for the Redskins?

CAMP BULLDOGS (AP) Josh Doctson had the first two picks of the draft Thursday and his teammates are getting excited about him.

“We’re just getting excited,” receiver Josh Docts said.

Doctson was the No. 1 overall pick by the Indianapolis Colts and the second pick in the draft by the San Diego Chargers.

He’s the first receiver to be drafted in consecutive years since Sidney Rice in 1996.

Docts is the first player drafted since Laquon Treadwell in 2015.

Doct and his fellow wide receivers have had the most chemistry together.

They’re all focused on making the biggest plays for the Rams, who are playing in the NFC West and trying to avoid a first-round loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

It’s also the Rams’ first loss in six games, and they have not won since beating the Detroit Lions 30-13 on Sept. 5.

They have a bye the following week, but will have to travel back to California and play at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on Nov. 15.

Doct has had to adjust to playing on a different team since being drafted, and his first team at camp Thursday was the Los Gatos Chargers.

“Just the way I play and the way the guys around me play and what they’ve done in practice, it’s been great,” Docts told reporters.

“I’m really excited to see what’s next.”

The Rams have been losing players on the roster every week and have been playing with two wide receivers (Jared Goff and Tavon Austin) and a tight end (Austin Seferian-Jenkins).

But the offense has been clicking with Docts, who is the team’s best receiver and is coming off his best game of the season, catching five passes for 62 yards against the Seahawks.

“He’s just got a real high football IQ, he’s a great football player, a great athlete,” Chargers coach Mike McCoy said.

“A lot of the guys we have have done well.

We just have to keep him in there and keep him comfortable. “

Josh Doctson is a guy we can go to and go out and run with.

We just have to keep him in there and keep him comfortable.

He has a really good feel for the game.

The Chargers have struggled on offense this season and are 4-14 in the regular season. “

You know, we all know what kind of player Josh is and he’s been on the field a lot for us.”

The Chargers have struggled on offense this season and are 4-14 in the regular season.

But they won a game in the preseason finale at Dallas with rookie quarterback Austin and have a chance to make a run if they win their first two games in the division.

They need to win at least two more games to have a shot at a playoff spot.

They could also face the Denver Broncos in Week 5, which would give them an extra game to prepare for that game.

“When we play well we have a good chance,” McCoy said of beating Seattle.

“But when we’re not, then you’ve got to play the next one.

We’re going to play them one at a time.”

The Broncos are 7-5 this season with the league’s eighth-best record.

They host the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday night and face the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 4.

“Every week I think about our guys,” McCoy told reporters after practice.

“They’re all doing a really nice job and we’re all feeling good.

We have a lot of confidence in them.

And when we get on the road, we know what we need to do to get the win.”