‘It was so much fun’: Matt Smith tells his life story in wedding dress

A wedding gown is a symbol of a new relationship and a chance to show love to someone you’ve known for a long time.

But one of the most famous dresses is the one worn by the character Matthew Smith, played by Matt Smith, in the hit TV show, The Bachelor.

A wedding dress is a very different event, one that is meant to be enjoyed as much as it is shared.

The dress is one of those items that can change the course of a relationship, whether it’s for a couple, or a friend, or for a new child.

The fact that Smith was asked to wear it for the wedding ceremony makes it even more special.

He says the dress was a “huge honour”, and says he has no regrets about the moment.

He had a huge love of the dress and the idea of dressing up for the occasion was an honour.

“It was just an amazing moment,” Smith said.

“To be able to do it, to be able see it and see the family all happy and smiling was really special.”

I have never had a wedding dress before, so it’s very special.

“Smith has always had an interest in the wedding industry.

He’s worked in film and TV, as well as in theatre, and now has a career as a photographer.

He also says he can’t wait to get married.”

It’s something that’s a very special part of life, it’s a really special moment. “

He’s always said, ‘Oh, if I can do this, I can wear that.'”

It’s something that’s a very special part of life, it’s a really special moment.

It’s like a dream come true.

“This dress has been my dream, and I have to tell my life story.”

To be a part of the world famous, well-known, prestigious, family-owned and managed dress is something that I’ll always be proud of.

“He says it’s important to celebrate the occasion and the fact that he was asked.”

Obviously the bride and groom loved it.

But the whole family were so happy,” he said.”

The reception was so great.

It was really great.

“Smith is not the only person to wear the gown.

He also performed in a wedding for his brother, the actor and model John O’Hara.

Smith says he is always in awe of what he is doing and is grateful to have been asked.