‘You’re Not Going to See Our Wedding’ Video for ‘Vietnam Wedding’ (VIDEO)

CAMPBELL: I don’t know, man.

I think it’s gonna be pretty cool.

It’s gonna take us a little bit of time to get to the final scene.

I don’ think it will be like the final act of ‘The Walking Dead’ and then it’s done.

But it is a great moment and we’ll be all right.

It’ll be cool.

I’m excited about that.

I know the crew, I know everybody in the crew.

I mean, we’ve all been working really hard on this for the last two years.

And we have such a big and amazing, great team.

I feel like we have a very good time, I’m really looking forward to the shoot, but I can’t say too much right now.

We’ll be ready to go when the shooting begins in September.

The ‘Vikings’ Season 5 is now streaming on Netflix.

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