How to buy a $1,100 dress on the cheap at bruells wedding banquet


— A bride-to-be who had hoped to attend her bruehler wedding at a private house in Virginia on May 18 could instead spend her $1.3 million in a bruello wedding banquet.

Katherine K. Buehler, 40, and her husband, James, a mechanical engineer, are spending their honeymoon in Washington, D.C., for the wedding, where they plan to spend the rest of the year at a mansion in the Potomac River Valley.

Buehler had been planning to attend the May 18 ceremony in a mansion owned by the Buellses, but instead went with a friend.

The Bueells had hoped the wedding would be a private affair, but the couple’s two sons, who were also attending, said they were disappointed by the decision.

“It’s not the wedding you wanted, but I don’t have the right to say no,” said one of the boys, William Buehl, 20.

He said his father, who works in the aerospace industry, had told him the wedding was for a very specific reason.

“She wanted to go with us because it’s such a special place,” he said.

“I think she wanted to be able to be with her friends, and then it was just that it was too big.

I think it was the wedding for a friend.”

A private house was the only option for the Bueshlers, who live in a small home on the property and have rented a place nearby for three years.

James Buehelns daughter, Kathryn, was to be a bridal assistant for the bruehls, and the bridegroom and groom were to stay at the mansion.

When they arrived, the Buelhs said they found a $900,000 mansion that had been recently renovated for the ceremony.

A small group of bridesmaids, brides and groom’s family members gathered at the estate.

Afterward, the guests were invited to a reception that included a banquet, where wine was served and a chef prepared a feast for the guests.

It was the first time the Boeslows and the guests had ever been to Washington, and James Buellahes daughter, Kate, said she was thrilled.

“It was amazing.

It’s like a dream come true,” Kate Buello said.

But Katherine Bueellis son, William, said he didn’t think much of the wedding.

“I just thought it was going to be an amazing experience and we were going to have a good time,” he told ABC News.

And Kate Bueshl said the wedding didn’t go well.

“They had no idea what was going on, and they were going out of their way to be rude to everyone,” she said.

James Buesll said he was disappointed with the way the ceremony was handled.

“When we got there, it was like they had a plan.

They wanted to have this event, and we had no intention of going to the ceremony,” he recalled.

While the Bosenlls were in town, James Buesl said, the brides had been told by their mother, a member of the Secret Service, that the ceremony would be in the front yard, but that he didn.

Later, the bride, Kate Bucell, and two of her brides attendants were seen leaving the mansion and arriving at the hotel where the reception was to take place.

The Secret Service told that the Bucels’ plans to attend a wedding in the White House had been put on hold and that they had to leave the property in order to attend.

However, a spokeswoman for the Secret Services, Kristin B. Bui, said the Secret Force would not allow a family member to attend and would not grant permission for anyone to be present.

The wedding was postponed indefinitely after a security guard who witnessed the bride and groom enter the mansion refused to allow them to leave.

Although the Bsillys had initially planned to stay in Washington on May 22, they said they decided to move to the Virginia suburbs because of a lack of available hotels.

On Wednesday, James and Kate Bsills said they would move back to their home in nearby Fredericksburg.

Katherine Bueslla said the bodega that she was staying at, the Hooters on Virginia Avenue, was closed because of the ceremony, and she didn’t have enough food.

Kate Buesli said she is also planning to visit family in nearby Virginia Beach.