How to make the best Chinese wedding banquet

I love Chinese banquet weddings and it’s just something I’d love to be able to do in my free time, but the only way I know how is by going.

So I thought I’d take you through the process of planning my next Chinese wedding, and if you have any questions, you can ask me in the comments below!1.

Finding the right venue to host your wedding2.

How to prepare the venue and host the wedding3.

What to bring for the reception4.

What NOT to bring5.

When to host weddings6.

When not to host them7.

How much money you can afford to spend8.

What you need to know to host a wedding9.

Where to buy a wedding venue10.

How you can get your wedding venue listed11.

What your wedding can look like at the venue12.

Where you can buy your venue13.

What wedding venues are accepting on Craigslist14.

How many people you can have16.

What type of reception you want17.

How do you choose the location of your wedding18.

What are your expectations of the reception19.

What’s the best way to book your wedding?20.

What is the worst way to plan your wedding21.

How can you book a wedding?22.

What does a Chinese banquet wedding entail?23.

Can I have my own wedding banquet?24.

Can my friends and family join?25.

What can I do to help other wedding guests find their wedding venue?