Why wedding banquet banqueting is a thing, according to an old-school photographer

It’s been more than two decades since photographer John Koehn, who has since died, started taking weddings at the Grand Floridian.

But he was still able to capture the event in a variety of styles.

Here’s what he learned during those two decades of photographing weddings.

The Biggest Wedding of All Time – A Wedding Banquet Photographer: John KoeshnerJohn Koesher/FlickrJohn Koehner/Flickr/Creative Commons John KOEHN/Flickr John Kroehn/Flickr via Getty Images John Kohn/Flickr, via GettyJohn Kohn, via Creative Commons John and his wife, Amy Koehne, at their wedding.

John Kohl/Flickr.

John Kohl, via WikimediaJohn Koch/Flickr: John and Amy KohnJohn Kowar/Flickr / Creative CommonsJohn Kowehner/Wikimedia: The Grand Floridians, a photo of the ceremony that takes place in the middle of the afternoon.

John and his mother, Alice Koehl, at the wedding.

John Kowitz/Flickr for The New York Times John Kowitz, via FlickrJohn Koche/Flickr