A memorial for a rivercrest wedding speech, rivercrown wedding

A rivercret wedding speech written by former British Prime Minister William Hague, which has gone unnoticed by many in the UK, is to be laid at Westminster Abbey.

The ceremony will take place on Thursday in a special room in the main chapel, the Abbey said in a statement on Wednesday.

Hague, who served as the first Prime Minister of the UK to be assassinated, was assassinated on July 7, 2018, during his second term as Prime Minister.

His death has never been officially recognized in the United Kingdom.

Hollande wrote a memorial service for his speech, which was recorded in the wake of the 2016 terror attack on London Bridge, but was never published.

The speech, titled “In Memoriam,” is the first in a series of speeches by Hague, who was killed by an ISIS suicide bomber in a shootout in Syria in April 2020.

It was one of the most widely-read speeches in the country at the time, with some 7 million people listening to the audio recording, according to the National Library of Wales.

The Royal Family and the Queen are to take part in the ceremony, and Hague will be buried at St John’s Church, Westminster, on Thursday.