Malay wedding celebration celebrates 100 years of independence

Fullerton, California (CNN) Malay bride Dolly Bala, who has been a celebrated fixture at the Malay weddings of the past century, celebrated her 100th birthday at the wedding centerpiece of a Malay celebration that was born out of a desire to honor the island nation’s independence.

“I was born in Malaya and I was raised here.

It is a dream to be able to celebrate my 100th birthdays here in the United States,” Bala told CNN.

The wedding center piece at the Bala’s Malay-style wedding, which was designed by Malay artist Siti Nankhelep, features a traditional Malay flag with the Malaya flag at the top.

“We chose this wedding center because of the many different aspects of the Malayan people, especially their culture,” Bali said.

“They are peaceful and they live a peaceful life.”

The celebration was attended by Malayan officials, members of the military and others.

Malay leaders, like President Abubakar Shekau, also attended the ceremony.

Bala will be married on August 16.

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