Why Martinique banquet weddings are so expensive: Experts

The cost of hosting a wedding banquet in Martinique is a big part of the cost of a wedding.

A wedding banquet, by definition, is a private affair that includes a large number of guests.

But weddings also require large quantities of food, wine and other refreshments and often require a large amount of hospitality.

The price of a private dinner is a function of a couple’s financial situation, said Stephen Jones, a wedding and catering expert from Melbourne.

He said the cost for a typical dinner can be as much as $10,000.

“That’s about a third of what it would be for a full-service banquet, which includes the bar and catering,” he said.

“The most common way for a wedding to go wrong is for a bride to not have enough money for the wedding dress, so she’s going to buy it herself.”

Mr Jones said many couples are going out of their way to make their wedding costs appear small because they are hoping the cost will come down.

“A lot of couples are looking for the perfect wedding dress because they don’t have the money for it, and that’s not the case,” he told ABC News Radio’s Today program.

“It’s more about what you’re willing to spend to make the dress a bit more affordable.”

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