‘Tribal wedding’ is not an option for many people

Deewan family has made a huge profit off the sale of cattle to other tribes.

The family has been selling the cattle to tribal members at the market in Wadi Sukhoor in Deewa village for over 20 years.

Deewan village chief Umar Javed told The Times Of India, “We sell the cattle at the marketplace in Wabi Sabi.

We do not want the tribal community to get a hold of the cattle.

The sale of our cattle to the tribal population is not happening anymore.”

The Deewans are the largest cattle traders in the village.

The tribal population has been enjoying the profits from the sale.

But the family has not been able to feed its cattle properly.

“We have lost all the income we earned from the cattle sale.

Our only income is from the sales,” Javed said.

The tribe has no income from farming.

The DeEWans are not the only ones who are suffering from the loss of their profits.

The village chief is not sure whether the sale will continue.

“I have not heard from the tribal leader yet.

But we have not been doing anything to save the cattle from the auction,” Jafed said.

The tribal people say the sale has made the Deewens richer than before.

“The sales are a big profit for the tribal people, but we are not getting any benefit from it,” Jave said.