How Disney is redefining its own princess and making it more fun

A wedding banquet has always been one of Disney’s signature celebrations, and the company is doing it again with the first-ever Fantasia Wedding Celebration.

It is being held at Walt Disney World’s Islands of Adventure on June 2.

Disneyland is hosting the first Disney Fantasia Celebration in nearly two decades.

It’s one of the longest-running celebrations at the theme park, and Disney has always put on special events like weddings, picnics, and other events at the park.

Disney has been working on the Fantasia wedding event since last year, when the company announced it was creating a new tradition.

The Fantasia celebration is a “fantastical” wedding in the tradition of Disney princesses.

This means that it’s a celebration for the Disney Princesses.

Disney princess weddings have been at the top of the company’s priority list since they were announced in 2019.

The event is planned to take place from June 2 to June 20.

The Fantasia event is being hosted by the Walt Disney Parks Blog and will be streamed live on Disney Parks.

The livestream will be hosted by Walt Disney Imagineering and Disney Imagineers Creative Director Tom Vosburg.

It will feature interviews with guests from the Fantasian community.

Guests are also invited to attend the Fantasmasian Wedding Celebration and enjoy the Disney-themed restaurants and entertainment.

The theme park has hosted several Fantasia events since its launch in 2015, including the 2017 Fantasia, Fantasia Festival, and Fantasia Cup.

The park is currently planning two more events this year.